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Mini 780T

Mini 780T


Engine Model: Changchai ZN390Q
Rated power (kW): 25
Nominal speed (rpm): 2600
Rated load (kg): 1000
Nominal bucket volume (m3): 0.4
Overall size WxDxH (mm): 4545×1520×2483
Wheelbase (mm): 2145
Wheel width (mm): 1175
Maximum tipping force (KN): 32
Maximum dumping height (mm): 2023
Dump distance (mm): 831
Total time (s): 9.2
Working weight (kg): 2800
Tires: 825-16/10-16.5/28x9.5-15/31x15.5-15

The Mini 780T Wheel Loader is compact yet powerful with a tight turning radius for easy maneuvering in confined spaces. Open cab and closed cab meet different requests. The standard engine is the Changchai ZN390Q engine, but optional Xinchai 490 Euro 3 engine or Changchai 390 Euro 5 engine depending on different engine emission standards in other markets.

We have a variety of tires to choose from depending on your working conditions. Standard narrow tires, slightly wider 29x12.5-15 tires and the most common 31x15.5-15 tires. You can always customize your loader.

It was widely anticipated among European customers when it was published.

Standard configuration:

- Changchai 3 cylinder engine 25KW
- Standard joystick
- Standard 825-16 tires
- Safety roof
- 3 way hydraulic pipelines
- Rear trailer ball
- Standard cup

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