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Mini 750

Mini 750


Engine Model: Perkins 403J-11 E5
Nominal power (kW): 18.5
Nominal speed (rpm): 2200
Rated load (kg): 600
Nominal bucket volume (m3): 0.2-0.4
Overall size WxDxH (mm): 3325×1150×2360
Wheelbase (mm): 1340
Wheel width (mm): 860
Maximum tipping force (KN): 43
Maximum dumping height (mm): 1850
Dump distance (mm): 440
Total time (s): 7.5
Working weight (kg): 1470
Tires: 26×12.00-12/27×8.5-15

The Wolf mini750 loader is a small but powerful tractor used in gardens, agriculture and landscape design. It is powered by a Perkins Euro 5 / EPA Tier 4 engine and an Italian PWG hydrostatic drive system. The operator's seat is comfortable and the machine has many features to make the job easier. It also has various attachments, such as a bucket or a snow saw, for different tasks. It is ideal for small objects and confined spaces. The Wolf mini750 wheel loader is a reliable and efficient multi-tasking machine.

1. Compact size: A compact machine that can fit into confined spaces and maneuver easily in small areas.

2. Versatility: The Mini750 can be equipped with a variety of attachments including buckets, forks, cages and more.

3. High performance: It will run with Perkins Euro 5 / EPA Tier 4 engine and Italian PWG hydrostatic drive system, especially suitable for Europe, North America and Australia market.

4. Easy Operation: The Mini750 is designed for easy operation, with simple controls and a comfortable cab that provides excellent visibility.

5. Economical: Compared to larger loaders, the Mini750 requires less fuel and maintenance expenses.

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